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Anyone here?!
nesserz193 wrote in beatlesnmonkees

First off, I just want to make sure everyone's still alive.
Leave a comment if you still believe!! 

also, I just wanted to shamefully promote my unyielding attempts to overtake the internet with Beatles and Monkees fans, this time in the form of a Facebook group =D.

Yeah... as of now the only members of said group are yours truly ([info]nesserz193 ),[info]nezmaccaham , and[info]lennez66 . The other two are only in it 'cuz I invited them to be. So I need some help spreadin' the word. So if you've got a Facebook, join please?!?! You'll have my forever undying gratitude!! And spread the awesomeness to your other Beatles n' Monkees lovin friends as well.

 Wow, I feel quite douche-y right now.

so to make up for it....


I love this picture. but I don't love the matching sweaters. CREEPY!!

AWW<33!! I find this picture so adorable. <33

*opens mouth to say something, but closes it, a confused look on face* I have absolutely no words to say to this picture.
I drew this for lennez66  in Graffiti on Facebook. Lol, DON'T QUESTION MY INSANITY!!! 
Yep, that's me on the left!! My amazing Picknik skills show!! (syke!!) 
this picture nearly made me jizz my pants scream my head off in excitement!! MY FAVORITE MONKEE AND FAVORITE BEATLE TOGETHER!!!!! *faints*

Oh, and does anyone actually CARE if I finish my story or not? Because if you do, please tell me. I've read numerous stories that haven't been finished, and I was really pissed/sad when I realized that the last part was never posted. So I don't want anyone pissed/sad over my piece of s*it of a story. So please tell me =D.

And as your failtastic main moderator-person, I wanna know if y'all have any suggestions for the community. Like, how can I get you guys more active?? Do you want me to do your chores, write your papers, clean your house? I'm game for anything that gets you guys participating!! 


But honestly, how many times have I said this?!? I must sound like a whiny bitch, but... yeah. Tell me if I'm annoying the heck out of you all!! 

It looks SO GOOD!!!


And.... I'm done.

Please comment so I know you're still alive!! =D!!

Peace & Luv,


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It has scarred me in so many ways....

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