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Poor Beatles.
lennez66 wrote in beatlesnmonkees
I thought I'd share something I saw in school. Ok, so today I was walking around my English class looking at the projects we recently did. On the poster board, we had to choose a song to describe the character's life. I looked at one board and saw that someone had used lyrics from 'Can't Buy Me Love.' But the title of the song looked like this:
The Beatles - Money (Can't Buy Me Love)
My jaw dropped, and in my head (although I wanted to yell it) I said:

Also, I've been feeling bad lately that we have been drooling over the Monkees so much. So I decided to bring you a picspam of
The Beatles!

Mmm. Leather. Delicious.


Bong party? Interpret as you wish....

If I was between John and George, I think I'd jizz in my pants die.

Just a lil' something I stole for CAPSLOCK.


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Yeah, that's sad that they used TWO Beatles' song titles! Money and Can't Buy Me Love are seperate songs!
But at least we got nice Beatles spam! The first picture is very nice! Never saw it before! May I snag? Will credit of course. Some of the other pics I've never seen before either.
Don't worry about drooling over the Monkees, I felt a little guilty when I re-discovered them again a few years ago, but I decided there is room for both groups! lol

Of course you can snag some of these! Don't worry about crediting. :)
Are you new to the community?

Thank you! Yeah, I'm kinda new here (maybe a few months). I'm a right lurker, ;)

Edited at 2009-05-15 04:39 am (UTC)

Haha, well welcome to the comm, lurker. :D

You're not new here, you were one of the first ones to join!!

This community is only a little over 3 months old :D

Yeah... sorry. I just felt I had to clarify that. :)

aah, Jamie, I just realized I forgot to tell you how awesomesauce this Beatles picspam is.

Silly me!!

But now you know it's awesome...

Of course I know how awesome it is. I created it. I have PLENTLY more pics too, and tons of individual Beatles too, so just give me a shout when you want another spam. :D

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