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Hello again, mah peeps =D
nesserz193 wrote in beatlesnmonkees

Alright, so I'm FINALLY gonna put up the rest of the pictures I have... even though there's less left than I thought. WAY less left than I thought. A.K.A two pictures left...... and for those of you who don't feel like looking back for my post,just click here and you'll magically get there!!



Ahh, did you really think I'd only leave you with two pictures?!?!

I have a lovely little story to tell.

So the other day I got the mail out of the mail box, and saw a letter addressed to me. I opened it up, and saw A BEATLES POSTCARD!!!
Yeah, that doesn't really sound that exciting, to tell you the truth.
BUT, I didn't tell you WHERE that postcard was from, now did I?! 
It was from my Grandma, who went to visit Liverpool, 'cause her friend lives there or something. Anyway, my Grandma went to Liverpool on a little trip, and got me a Beatles postcard :D!

It made me quite happy.
Although when I went to visit my Grandpa in Harrogate (see, my dad was born in Dumfries, Scotland, so my Grandparents both live(d) in Great Britian somewhere), we passed by a sign for Liverpool, but we couldn't go.

I was very unhappy =(.

Buuut, I got my Beatles postcard, so I'm happy now.

Sorry for wasting your lives with my pointless story, I'm just gonna show you a picture of the postcard now.....




Peace and Luv,

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Mike looks quite bored.
I think we could help him, sis. :P

true true. With us, he'd never be bored again!!!

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