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Since the community has been abandoned yet again....
nesserz193 wrote in beatlesnmonkees

I don't have much time, but I got the rest of the pictures off my h drive at school that I talked about in this post, so here they are..... well.... half of them. I don't want to kill you all with the large amount of pictures I saved.


I bet if you couldn't already figure it out, you can tell who's my favorite Monkee! =P

And I felt bad neglecting the Beatles again, so I had to add a Paul Pic in here somewhere....

Peace and Love,


P.S. Please post! You have no idea how depressed I get when I look and see no new Beatles or Monkees (especially Monkees cuz I'm in a Monkees phase) stuff on LJ!! It brightens up my day!! Sorry I bug you guys so much. Feel free to punch me in the face!

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The funny thing is I have no idea where or when I got all these pictures.... just that they were on my h drive.....

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