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beatlesnmonkees's Journal

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for those of you who like both the Beatles and The Monkees
I was looking around for a community that featured both the Beatles and the Monkees, because it seems like a lot of people like both. Finding nothing, I decided to create one of my own :). So if you love both the pre-fab four and the actual fab four, please join!

To get things going, it would be awesome if you could introduce yourself with a post about you. Like, who's your favorite of each group, what's your favorite song from each group, how you got into each group- whatever you want!
Or you can use this survey here as your introductory post.

You can post anything having to do with either group. Pictures, fanfics, news, videos, questions, thoughts, whatever :)

Any questions? Contact the crazy-cool mods save_the_tpc193 and lennez66 :D
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