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Hi peoples =)
nesserz193 wrote in beatlesnmonkees

How are you all? 
School's over!! Which gives me endless hours every day on the internet!! 

But that's not my point. I've got some more shameless promotion to do.....

It's mine and [info]nezmaccaham's  new website. I've been working on it non-stop for the past 2 days!! 99.9% of the stuff on there was made by me. It's my baby.
Sorry 'bout that. 
ANYWAY, another new thing is..... BEATLES STUFF FROM LIVERPOOL!!! 

I love my Grandma!!!! The Wallet is my favorite. I LOVE it so much!!! 

Oh, and I was listening to/watching Nez read Chapter 2 of The American Gene, and like a creeper, I took some screencaps.  

And look who I happened to find while I was screencapping!! (top left corner)
Yes, I did move that there. Only because I was too lazy to make 2 different pictures.

So... yeah. that's about it.
Come back in about a month, and there MIGHT be another post!!! 

Peace and Love,


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